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    IAFF Local 2061 Scholarship Application 
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    Fire Applicants:
    Please select one of the following topics and write 300 - 500 words in response.
    1  - Tell us about a time you acted selflessly without expecting anything in return.
    2 - Research the events of September 11th, 2001. Introduce yourself to one of the 343 Firefighters lost and explain how you will honor their sacrifice.
    3 - Empathy is an important attribute of first responders. Describe a time you utilized empathy and how it made you feel.
    4 - Research a subject in firefighting or EMS (a piece of equipment, a tradition, a tool, etc.) and write about what you learned.

     Dave Domin was a dedicated and faithful Hoffman Estates Police Officer that was lost too soon. Every time Dave put on his uniform he served the public of Hoffman Estates with dignity. He treated all citizens with respect, caring, empathy and understanding.

    IAFF Local 2061 was honored to work with Dave and is privileged to offer a scholarship for a Law Enforcement student in his name. This scholarship is made possible by the generous donation of Dave's family.

    Law Enforcement Applicants:

    Please select one of the following topics and write 300 - 500 words in response:

    1 - Introduce yourself to Dave and explain how you will continue his work and honor his legacy.

    2 - What do you feel are the challenges facing law enoforcement today? How have you prepared yourself for these challenges and what will you do to meet them?

    3 - Describe a time when you dealt with someone of a differenet background and how it made you feel. How did you handle it?

    4 - What do you feel is the most important role of law enforcement in the community. How will you fill that role?

    Application Deadline is May 31st, 2024! 

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